NASPI Work Group Virtual Meeting, April 12-14, 2022

Apr 12, 2022 - Apr 14, 2022
Teresa Carlon

The NASPI Leadership Team will continue to monitor the Covid situation and determine if this will be an in-person or virtual meeting.

NASPI Call for Abstracts!

Dear NASPI Community - the NASPI  Leadership Team is looking for presentations in the following areas:

  • The use of real-time synchrophasor applications for the purpose of improving control room operations and grid reliability
  • Experience with synchrophasor data networking, architecture, archiving, and other supporting technologies
  • Advances in adopting synchrophasor technology adoption through standardization, testing, or other technological accomplishments
  • Extracting actionable information from synchrophasor data to support either real-time or engineering applications
  • The application and utilization of distribution state estimation
  • Benefits of and key success factors in deploying synchronized measurement in distribution systems
  • High-speed waveform measurements that augment traditional synchrophasor measurements for additional resolution of high-speed phenomena, including the behavior of inverter based resources
  • Oscillation mitigation, including specifically inverter-based resources
  • Understanding measurement uncertainty relating to power system oscillation mitigation
  • Incorporating advanced sensors into measurement infrastructure, including mixing different types of measurements and using heterogenous measurements to make decisions
  • Visualization and human factors, including cognitive systems engineering, decision support, and human-machine interfaces
  • Training challenges utilities are facing in deploying advanced technology in the control room
  • Any other novel and timely topics related to wide-area time-synchronized measurements that would be of interest to the broader NASPI community

Abstracts are due by January 28, 2022. Please email to Authors will be informed of acceptance no later than February 28, 2022.

By submitting an abstract and later providing a presentation at the meeting, the submitter grants NASPI permission to publicly post the presentation and share their name, affiliation and email through on-line posting on the NASPI website following the meeting.

Help us spread the word about the call and share this email with your colleagues. Questions can be emailed to 

Thank you for supporting NASPI! 

Download call for abstracts.

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