NASPI Work Group Meeting (in-person) and Vendor Show, April 16-17, 2024 - Salt Lake City, UT

Apr 16, 2024 - Apr 17, 2024
Salt Lake City , Utah
Teresa Carlon

The North American Synchrophasor Initiative (NASPI) Work Group Meeting and Vendor Show will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 16 - 17, 2024, featuring invited speakers and technology partners demonstrating their latest offerings. You will hear presentations from companies and individuals who are using synchrophasor technology successfully to solve specific challenges and the lessons they learned along the way. Our distinguished keynote speaker is Branden Sudduth, Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) Vice President, Reliability Planning and Performance Analysis.

On Wednesday afternoon, April 17, 2024, there will be a NASPI-NERC Synchrophasor Data Analytics Workshop organized by Jim Follum (PNNL). If you are wanting to attend just this workshop, there is no charge. When you register, there is an option to attend just this workshop, please follow the instructions and let us know if you have any questions. For those of you who will be attending the whole meeting, you will see the workshop as a selection when you register.

Early Bird Registration is Open until March 15th! The early bird registration fee is $590 for regular attendees and the $100 for students. After March 15, the rates will increase to $690 and $175 respectively. 

Meeting location:
Radisson Hotel
215 West South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

EPRI has a block of rooms for this event. Please use this link to secure your room. Cutoff date for room block is March 27th. If you have any issues making reservation please email

NASPI Partners: NASPI is very much looking forward to having our Partners present in Salt Lake City, Utah. We will have space at the Radisson Hotel inside the main meeting room for your setup. This gives our attendees easy access to interact with you and learn about your latest technologies. Please review the Partnership document; these options will be available during the registration process above. After you register, Sherry Kowalski will be in touch with you regarding the details of shipping, setup, etc. And "Thank You" for supporting NASPI!

** Call for Abstracts **

The next North American SynchroPhasor Initiative (NASPI) Work Group meeting will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 16-17, 2024. We invite the synchrophasor community to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation at the meeting.  We are particularly interested in receiving abstracts that showcase innovative and novel applications of wide-area time-synchronized technology to solve operational or other electric power reliability and resilience challenges. 

Current and emerging areas of emphasis/focus for NASPI are:

  • Networking and communications technologies (advanced architectures),
  • Statistical analysis and deep learning for extracting actionable information from large datasets, and
  • High-resolution sensors to characterize the transient behavior of inverter-based resources and other fast-acting phenomena.

Other topics of interest include:

  • The use of time-synchronized measurements to enhance distribution system operations and/or planning applications,
  • The use of time-synchronized measurements in transmission applications, including advanced protection and wide area control schemes,
  • Utilizing synchronized measurements for other resilience-enhancing measures, such as detecting equipment failures for mitigating resilience risks,
  • The role of synchronized measurements to enable the clean energy transition, and
  • Studies to better understand ambient data (noise) to characterize system health and anomalies (e.g., oscillation detection).

Detailed Abstract Submission Instructions

NASPI will not require submittal of papers; individuals who wish to present at the Work Group meeting should email an abstract (using the submittal information listed below) to  no later than February 1, 2024. The NASPI Leadership Team will review the submissions to determine which presentations will be selected. Based on the number of abstracts submitted in each of the technical areas of interest, the NASPI Leadership Team may also invite abstract submitters to participate in the poster session. The poster session will be hosted during the NASPI reception April 17.  We will notify all abstract submitters of their acceptance no later than March 1, 2024. Questions about the call for abstracts can be emailed to

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • The use of real-time synchrophasor applications for the purpose of improving control room operations and grid reliability.
  • Experience with synchrophasor data networking, architecture, archiving, and other supporting technologies.
  • Requirements for the application of wide-area time-synchronized measurements that support either real-time or off-line applications that support the reliability of the power system.
  • Advances in adopting synchrophasor technology adoption through standardization, testing, or other technological accomplishments.
  • Extracting actionable information from synchrophasor data to support either real-time or engineering applications.
  • Benefits of and key success factors in deploying synchronized measurement in distribution systems.
  • High-speed waveform measurements that augment traditional synchrophasor measurements for additional resolution of high-speed phenomena, including the behavior of inverter-based resources.
  • Oscillation mitigation, including but not limited to inverter-based resources.
  • Understanding measurement uncertainty relating to power system applications.
  • Incorporating advanced sensors into measurement infrastructure, including mixing different types of measurements and using heterogenous measurements to make decisions.
  • Visualization and human factors, including cognitive systems engineering, decision support, and human-machine interfaces.
  • Training challenges utilities are facing in deploying advanced technology in the control room.
  • Any other novel and timely topics related to wide-area time-synchronized measurements that would be of interest to the broader NASPI community.

By submitting an abstract and later providing a presentation at the meeting, the submitter grants NASPI permission to publicly post the presentation and share their name, affiliation and email through on-line posting on the NASPI website following the meeting.


  • Responsible author’s name, affiliation, and contact information (email and phone number)
  • Additional author’s name(s), affiliation, and contact information (email and phone number)
  • Will any presenters need assistance with a visa to enter the United States?
  • Title of proposed presentation and area of interest
  • Summary of proposed presentation (1-3 paragraphs)
  • Statement of novelty or impact, answering the question why would the NASPI community benefit from receiving this presentation? (1 paragraph)
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