Building a Resilient Distribution Grid - Dan Dietmeyer and Charlie Cerezo

Jun 29, 2022
Eric Andersen

Guest speakers for our webinar Building a Resilient Distribution Grid will be Daniel Dietmeyer and Charlie Cerezo with San Diego Gas and Electric

“Building a Resilient Distribution Grid: Real-time Situational Awareness and Enhanced Control”.  As the electric grid undergoes a major change, distribution system reliability and resilience are starting to play a key role. With the proliferation of distributed energy resources and possible bi-directional energy flow throughout the distribution grid, real-time measurements, protection systems, and control of the distribution system have to evolve to match the needed performance. Real-time situational awareness, monitoring, and control are key aspects in enabling a resilient and efficient operation of the distribution grid. In the past several years, a number of technologies, such as microgrids have been shown to be effective in achieving a more resilient distribution grid operation.  The webinar will discuss the current state of the art in real-time distribution grid monitoring, analysis and control, tools and techniques used for real-time situational awareness, recent innovations, as well as gaps and challenges that we need to overcome to maintain and enhance reliability and resilience of the distribution grid.