CRSTT: Using Synchrophasor Data for Voltage Stability Assessment

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Using Synchrophasor Data for Voltage Stability Assessment

This paper describes certain functional entity roles and responsibilities related to voltage stability monitoring, considers how synchrophasor technology may be used to identify actual or potential voltage stability issues, and describes some of the related commercial applications that are currently available to the industry. This paper describes applications for which the NASPI CRSTT received information from application users or vendors and may be updated to include additional applications as new information is provided. Synchrophasor technology provides high resolution and time-synchronized measurements of voltage magnitude and angle along with other power system measurements over the wide-area of the utility system and its interconnection. These measurements are input to applications for determining the voltage stability of the grid. A grid’s stability limit varies in real-time as the grid’s current operating conditions and constraints change.

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