American-Made Utility Digital Transformation Prize

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The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are intending to launch the American-Made Utility Digital Transformation Prize in September 2022.

This prize will be part of the American-Made Challenges program, which is your fast track to the clean energy revolution. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, we incentivize innovation through prizes, training, teaming, and mentoring, connecting the nation’s entrepreneurs and innovators to America’s national labs and the private sector. This prize is, in part, in response to the Electricity Advisory Committee’s report “Big Data Analytics: Recommendations for the U.S. Department of Energy” which outlined the need for DOE support in advancing data analytics for existing data sources within utilities.

To inform the planning phase of the prize, NREL wishes to seek feedback on the prize structure and seek interest from utilities to participate.

NREL is seeking feedback on two topics. We invite respondents to comment on one or both parts:
• Part 1: Prize Structure – Up to 1 page response
• Part 2: Request for Utility Partners – Up to 2 page response

This prize aims to connect utilities with interdisciplinary teams of software developers and data experts to facilitate transforming digital systems in the energy sector and data analytics for utilities. Utilities will provide details about interesting problems that they need to solve as well as access to related data. The goal of this prize is to have the teams work directly with utilities on their data, to solve their problems. Data could be energy use data, synchrophasor data, weather data, fire assessment data, and more. The data will ideally be actual data but could also be synthetic data where applicable. Teams of developers will be paired with utilities to help tackle problems and build solutions specific to the utility to help the utility with their digital transformation needs.

Utilizing a phased-prize approach, the prize will incentivize teams for coming to the table with a strong team and plan for execution. Throughout the prize, NREL and its partners will provide opportunities to help build teams. As the teams advance in the prize competition, they will work directly with utilities to help solve their problems and help develop software and data solutions that can be integral in the digital transformation strategy. Prize awards will be given to the top teams in each phase based on the work completed by the teams.


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