IEEE-NASPI Oscillation Source Location Contest

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In recent years, large-amplitude sustained oscillations have been observed in power grids around the world, thanks to widely deployed PMUs. Many of the observed oscillations did not appear in traditional model-based studies. Such oscillations are either due to unmodeled dynamics or unexpected periodic inputs.  Since these oscillations are not represented in the simulation models, they are not visible in the planning studies and no mitigation measures can be designed offline. Therefore, finding the originating source(s) is crucial in real-time operations. Finding the source(s) not only enable timely mitigation measures and ensure secure grid operations, but also help generator owners manage asset health and investigate asset failures at an early stage.

The 2021 IEEE-NASPI co-hosted Oscillation Source Location (OSL) Contest aims to help the academia and vendors further develop & improve the currently available OSL tools, and help utilities identify & evaluate OSL tools for real-time use. The contest is open to the public; any individual, team or entity (except the committee members or their affiliations) can participate.


  • Ning Zhou (Binghampton University)
  • Jim Follum (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  • Athula Rajapakse (University of Manitoba)
  • Bin Wang (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
  • Slava Maslennikov (ISO New England)
  • Mani Venkatasubramanian (Washington State University)
  • Evangelos Farantatos (Electric Power Research Institute)
  • Jeff Bloemink (Powertech Labs)


A sample test case is now available at Questions and concerns regarding the test dataset can be submitted to until March 26. After responding to this feedback, the contest committee will release the full set of test cases on April 12, along with detailed solution submission instructions.

To receive the full set of test cases, fill out this form (please submit only one registration per team). After your registration is reviewed by the contest committee, all team members listed in the form will receive an email with a link to download the test cases as a zip file. The email will also contain a password to unlock the zip file.

If you would like help finding teammates, please visit the Team-Up page here.

Along with announcing awards at the 2021 IEEE PES General Meeting, the contest committee plans to invite top performers to present at the fall 2021 NASPI meeting.

Contest Timeline:

March 8 – Registration open, sample test case released (  

March 26 – Deadline for participants to submit questions and concerns regarding the sample test case to

April 19 – Test cases released and contest begins

May 28 – Deadline for registration

June 11 – Deadline for contestants to submit results to

July 28 – Awards announced at the IEEE PES GM

To participate in the contest, please fill out this form. If you would like help finding teammates, please visit the Team-Up page here.