NASPI DNMTT Call for Papers! Due 6/1/21

The NASPI Data and Network Management Task Team (DNMTT) would like to deliver a guide for the next generation synchrophasor archive platform to the power industry and is announcing a call for papers that describe on-the-market or theoretical archive platforms that support the following advanced archive criteria:

  • Criteria 1: Provides for enhanced management and robust delivery of synchrophasor data.
  • Criteria 2: Provides for the support of enhanced analytics (i.e. AI and Machine Learning).
  • Criteria 3: Provisions for near term or long term data storage based on end user needs.
  • Criteria 4: Dedicated disturbance data storage for quick access to events.
  • Criteria 5: Provides for a cheaper solution to data archiving.
  • Criteria 6: Delivers higher performance then existing archiving methods.

Your contribution will be included in a report to the entire NASPI community that will include viewpoints from the utility space. The requested paper shall be of no more than 2 pages in length and describe basic design strategies and specifications including such criteria and features as described above. Submission of multiple concepts is encouraged.

The deadline for paper submissions is June 1, 2021. Please send your submission to

The papers will be consolidated into the report by the spring 2021 NASPI WG meeting with the goal of releasing the final report by the fall 2021 NASPI WG meeting. In addition, the DNMTT will facilitate a discussion of early submissions at the fall 2020 NASPI WG meeting. Thank you for your support in advancing the design of synchrophasor data archives.

Please help spread the word about the call for abstracts by sharing on your social media accounts and forwarding this email to your colleagues. Any technical questions can be directed to Matt Rhodes (

Thank you,
DNMTT co-leads, Matt Rhodes and Dan Brancaccio