The Value Proposition for Synchrophasor Technology - Itemizing and Calculating the Benefits from Synchrophasor Technology Use Version 1.0

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NASPI Basic Synchrophasor Technology Information and Best Practices
Value Proposition for Synchrophasor Technology

This report provides the methodology for identifying and estimating the benefits of using synchrophasor technology to enhance grid operations and planning. The methodology is intended to help entities develop defensible estimates of the the benefits derived from synchrophasor data and applications. The report outlines how to estimate the annual benefits that can be realized by using synchrophasor technology, relates them to synchrophasor data applications, and explains how to calculate and sum the value of these monetary and non-monetary benefits over time. The study identifies benefits from improvements in grid resilience and reliability, cost savings, increased efficiency and throughput, and environmental benefits from increased electricity generation from renewable resources.

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